Friday, 15 June 2012

Restaurant- Offering Experiences

 A restaurant is ideal defined as an establislhment which prepares and serves food and drinks to customers who visit the outlet in return for money. The concept of restaurants came to fore during ancient Rome times where food and drinks were offered to customers through L-shaped counters as eating out was considered an important part of socializing. It was only by the 11the century in Kaifeng in Northern China during the first half of the Song Dynasty that these food and drinks catering services were defined as restaurants. Tea houses and taverns formed the basis for such a massive expansion of the Kaifeng’s restaurant as they gradually started serving to people outside of China. 

Restaurants usually deal in certain specialty food or drinks like seafood restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, to Chinese restaurants but no matter what the specialty they deal in they are collectively known as restaurants. Now-a-days even people have become well informed about the type of food they wish to eat as well as the kind of restaurant they would want to go to. Ranging from casual dining to fine dining experiences India offers it all. There are various restaurants which offer open spaces for people who like to enjoy food and beverages in natural surroundings rather than closed walls, while there are many who prefer to enjoy the being served kind of food and beverage service. 

It is all about the choice the food, the specialty, the ambience and the overall experience so associated with restaurants. It can be a visit to the nearby restaurant which specializes in pizzas and pastas but the types of pizzas and the whole concept of sitting and enjoying ones favorite slice that makes a difference. Now-a-days restaurants across the world try to ensure that they offer the best of services to their customers so as to turn it into a long term relation. Thus, asking for feedback for improving services, the taste of food, the ambience, the cleanliness and other such questions are asked to the customers through feedback questionnaires. It is through these feedback questionnaires that restaurants are able to get a feel about the way customers judge them and if they are doing a good job or not.
Just by opening up a fancy restaurant does not solve the purpose it is all about the people and the word of mouth that runs these places. It is through such appreciations that they tend to get famous and world known.

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