Sunday, 15 July 2012

Italian food-In-demand all over the world

High-speed cars, fast scooters and food to die for! While we all can't live like Italians, but we can definitely eat like them. 

The Italian cuisine is one of the most admired one and its recipes are in great demand all over the world. Italian food is varied and multi flavored, founded on ancient customs of the people who lived in Italy all through olden times, separated by regions and subjective to its flavors, atmosphere and local tastes. In this cuisine, we can find traces of Arab, Mediterranean, Greek, Turkish, European (Slavic Normandy) and even a very old Hebrew cuisine. In diverse parts of Italy, we meet classic dishes like Tuscan food, Neapolitan, Venetian, typical seasoning for the Provence, Sicily, and a lot more. Main recipes are Pasta Recipes, pizza, pastries and ice cream, with local items like wines and of course fine cheeses like Parmesan as well as mozzarella. 

It's amazing how Italian food has turned out to be one of our most-loved cuisines. Once believed to be exotic, it now graces our dinner tables for nearly every event, both special and casual.
Italian restaurants in India opened doors to gorge on the tempting Italian food. The basis of this food goes back to the 4th Century BC. Over the years, the world has observed an amazing development of the cuisine that is favored by the food experts of the world. Pizza is debatably the most admired Italian dish, found in various forms like, thin crust Pizza, Cheese crust pizza etc. It is followed by other well-liked dishes like different kinds of pastas and more.

Food is one of the great, simple enjoyments of life in Italy. One meal can turn out to be a complete day social affair.

Pizza Hut made its venture into India with its Italian restaurant in Bangalore in June 1996 and was the first intercontinental restaurant chain to enter this category.

Pizza Hut is all about pizzas and more. Despite being the pizza professionals, they also have a fresh BIG menu with an extensive choice of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian starters, soups, salads, pastas, beverages and desserts.

A point to note is that world over; the toppings at Pizza Hut are mostly beef and pepperoni. However, in India 60% of the people are vegetarian and they have more choice in the toppings on the vegetarian side.

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